We always strive to collaborate with employees, artists and our partners in an equitable way. We recognise that people have different needs – inclusivity for all is at the heart of our culture. We recognise the importance of everyone’s unique cultural perspective and the benefit of each individual’s experience.

We acknowledge the impact our actions have on our world. We seek to work with our partners to minimise any negative social and environmental effects created as a result of our activities. We aim to maximise positive social and environmental impacts through a progressive culture that embraces new initiatives and sustainable ways of working.

Our Set List

  • Diversity

    Pure is committed to building a diverse team. We believe our company should reflect the diversity of artists and variety of music that Pure is proud to represent. We promote an inclusive culture within our business and beyond, and will actively listen to staff, clients, and partners, on initiatives to improve working practices.

  • Employee Opportunities & Development

    The wellbeing of our team is paramount; we prioritise initiatives to further support our team’s mental health and work closely with them to achieve their aspirations with career support.

  • Sustainability

    Our office is powered by 100% renewable electricity. We prioritise travelling by train for longer distances wherever viable, and our team commute and travel locally wherever possible by foot, bike, or public transport. We actively collaborate with organisations that promote sustainable solutions within music.

Full Policies

Transparency is important to us. You can download our current full policies here. These policies will be reviewed annually and will continue to evolve.

Who We Are Listening To

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